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The Grace Mercy Order has existed since January 2017 and currently works in Sparrow Hawk Village, city of Tahlequa, Oklahoma, with a male monastery, called Monastery Immaculate Mother of the Holy Spirit, and a female monastery, the Monastery of the Resurrection of the Lord, where the Monks and the Nuns retreat and fulfill, in the first hours of the morning, their monastic liturgy.

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In the greater part of the day, they dedicate their time fulfilling a daily schedule, in which are conducted group exercises of prayer, contemplation, instruction, exhibition of film, meetings of music, choral chanting, participation in lectures and meetings of prayer conducted in several parts of the world, transmitted live, via internet.

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Besides the proposal of daily co-existence with the Kingdoms of Nature, the sharing of meals, outdoors activities for walks and prayers, as well as visits to shelters and hospitals in neighboring towns to bring prayer, music and joy to the needy.

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